Ressources and suggested readings

Ressources and suggested readings

Hi guys! I believe one of the best investments anyone can do with their time is to read and learn. Therefore I try to read a lot of books and articles, and preferably on different subjects, to learn about different areas. I will on this page post links to where you can find articles which I consider must-reads, buy books I would recommend or watch Ted Talks and documentaries that are fantastic.


1.000 True Fans

About how you should think about your following. It´s not just a matter of getting as many as possible, rather have a few (1.000) “true fans”. Very interesting read. Has been around since 2008, but I only recently learnt about it through Tim Ferriss´ book “Tools of Titans”.

Breaking the time barrier

Very interesting article from the CEO of Freshbooks, Mike Mcderment, on how service companies should look at and price their service.


I´ll try to limit this, as there are literally hundreds of books I would recommend, for one purpose or another 🙂

Tools of Titans (on

The best of the best that Tim Ferriss´ has learned from his 200+ episode podcast where he breaks down the habits and routines of the worlds top performers. Imagine listening to all of those 200+ podcast episodes in one go. That is this book.

Tribe of Mentors (on

Tim´s newest book, which follows the same pattern as Tools of Titans, the biggest difference being that the people in Tribe of Mentors hasn´t actually appeared on Tim´s podcast, he simply sent out a list of questions to a bunch of people who thought could be interesting to hear from and made a book out of the best answers (roughly). I have thoroughly enjoyed both books and would recommend them to everyone, as there is literally advice for anything and everything in them.

The Obstacle is the way (on

Based on Stoicism, Ryan Holiday uses historical examples of how people have taken adversity and turned it into advantage to show us how we can do the same. I absolutely love this book and usually have it lying on my office desk, just as I bring it with me on travels. That is, when I haven´t loaned it out to someone. I am proud of my weathered copy, that shows signs of much use with bent ears and wear, but I have recently resorted to just buying people a copy instead. Fantastic for when you feel like the world is against you or when you feel like you are stuck because of some outside factor. Buy it, read it, learn.

*Many of the links to items you can buy (like books) are affiliate links, meaning I will earn a commission if you click on the link and buy the product. If you intend to buy the book, please do so through the links and support me in the process. And I only use the affiliate links because they exist, everything on this list is on this list because I highly recommend them.