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Life advice

Advice from 30 years of life

Life Advice from 30 years of living from The Better Today Club
Treat life as one long degree, never stop learning.

The following is a list of advice and suggestions I have come across in my life, either by reading, experience or teachings from others. They all come from different things and have all become advice I live by, and that I hope (and think) others could find useful.

(edited on 16/12/2017)

  • Learn to think, not to recite. You don´t need to always know the answer if you know how to find it. Learn how to solve problems.


  • Question everything.


  • Seek to understand everything.


  • Always reflect, reflect on your day, encounters, experiences, everything.


  • Learn from every experience, every encounter, every person you meet.


  • Be respectful towards and open to learning from everyone you meet, they will all know something you don’t.


  • Read a lot of books. Life advice from The Better Today Club
    Never stop reading.

    Always aim to learn, but do it in what format that works best for you. Luckily there are many. Read books and articles, watch documentaries and educational videos, listen to podcasts, interviews, and audiobooks.


  • Read and study things that interest you, but also things that do not, so you will learn new things (and possibly discover new interests.


  • Always challenge yourself to try new things, learn new subjects, areas, languages and skills.


  • Gift books and share material you like with the people you like, love and respect, and ask for their recommendations in return.


Teach what you know, but hold on to it.

  • Teach what you know. Never keep things to yourself under the guise of that giving you an advantage or any other misguided idea. Contribute to the accumulated knowledge of the world, don’t inhibit it.
  • Learn from many sources, gurus, authors, leaders, etc, but don’t take one’s word for the ultimate truth. Learn from many, question all and form your own opinion based on your accumulated knowledge and experience.


  • Ignore grades, marks and other indicators of memorising ability and favorability. Look for character, honesty, curiosity, interest, and integrity in a person.


  • Whenever searching for new information on any subject, always look at both sides, check sources for and against and base your opinion on all aspects.


  • Reject gossip, “fake news”, sensationalism, stupidity, misguidedness, religious doctrines or any other idea that attempts to cloud reality with untruths for the gain of someone else, at the expense of others.


  • Embrace friendliness, politeness, helpfulness, curiosity, restraint, and composure.Helt people around you - Better Today Club.


  • Don’t be afraid to change your mind or admit when wrong. It is only humble and noble to be able to admit being wrong or to assume a new position based on new information presented to you.


  • Ask questions, never stop asking questions. How else are you going to learn?


  • Take pride in what you do and accomplish, but at the same time, reject pride, it will serve you no good.


  • Don’t worry so much about what others think of you. Most of the time they aren’t even thinking of you anyway. Be good and courteous, and their thoughts of you will be good regardless of what project you want to start, clothes you want to wear, food you want to eat, country you want to visit, etc.


  • Why do we think very highly of ourselves, but spend more energy on others opinions of us, than our own opinions of ourselves?


  • Live healthy, eat well, work out, sleep plenty, fast, meditate, rest, laugh, socialize, seclude yourself, live parts of life fast, others slow.


  • Think. Keep thinking. Give yourself time to think after any big event. Think important things through before going ahead. Cover all possibilities before presenting an idea, always show you have thought of everything.


  • But never overthink. Don’t think about possible negative outcomes of any given thing, that will only cause self-doubt. Think about the options, possibilities, details, and everything that will prepare you and make you confident.


  • Ignore self-doubt.


  • Positive mindset - Better Today ClubEmbrace self-affirmation and a positive mindset.


  • Remember, if you think you are tired, you are tired, if you think you are hungry, you are hungry, if you think you can’t run any longer, you can’t, if you think you are ill, you feel ill. We can all do much more than we think, by simply changing how we think about things.


  • Humans can go 30 days without food, you can probably go the next few hours without that doughnut (Jocko Willink).


  • Surround yourself with positive, inquisitive, polite, friendly, curious and generous people, and it will enforce your good nature. Surround yourself with the opposite, and you will become the opposite.


  • Don’t ever say “no”, “I can’t”, “it’s not possible”, “they won’t like it” or other negative definites. Say, “yes”, “let´s try”, “it’s possible but will be difficult”, “I think we need to improve it before presenting it” or similar. Nothing (mostly) is ever definite, positive or negative.


  • Nothing lasts, and that is beautiful. The best people in history will eventually perish and be forgotten, but so will the most evil. The most beautiful inventions will break and decay, but so will the ugliest.


  • In the timeline of our universe, your life takes up less than 0.00000001. In fact, the entire lifespan of our earth only takes up a tiny bit of the life of our universe. And we have had millions of species with billions of specimens each. 99% of those are long gone and forgotten, and so will you be soon, in the grand scheme of things. Don’t take life, yourself, or other’s opinions of you so seriously, you are insignificant, and so is everyone and everything else. Find solace and comfort in that.


  • Be generous. Generous with time, money, knowledge, attention. Nothing is good if not shared. Give to charities, give to underprivileged, spend time with family and friends, give attention, always offer help and support, put others before yourself, and they will put you before them.


Be generous, humble and friendly - The Better Today Club

  • Be grateful and appreciative. Be grateful for what you have, what you see, what you experience, the people you know, when someone helps you, for life, health, clean water, whatever really. Whenever you want something, remember what you already have.


  • You are only poor if you want more than you have. You can have all the money in the world, but still be poor if you want more. You can have nothing, but be much richer than the ones that have, simply by virtue of being happy with what you have.


  • If you should choose only one field of study, then that should be the study of how to learn, how to read better and faster, how to comprehend better, how to extract more knowledge from experiences, how to improve and get better without effort.


  • Don’t put your self down over someone else being better than you. There will always be someone who is better than you. Use them as inspiration instead.


  • Yes, there are people who have been given better odds in life than you, take pride in still achieving. And remember there are also many who have been given worse odds than you, find inspiration in those of them who will still grow, achieve and live as good people.


  • Live your life well. Aim to achieve, but never at the expense of others. Aim to live a life of abundance, generosity, and fun and leave this earth better than you found it.


  • Be humble.


  • But be confident. Be proud of your accomplishments, but also be proud of the accomplishments of others.


  • You are by complete chance one of the very few of all living beings which has been given a very complex and beautiful mind, please use it wisely.


  • Study philosophy, learn from the thinking of great minds, no matter how old. Great wisdom is as valid now as it was then.


  • Enjoy life.Enjoy Life with The Better Today Club

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