Photo credit: Antoine Mazurier


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Get Inspired - Better Today Club
Photo credit: Antoine Mazurier

A very good friend and colleague of mine have recently started a project where he wants to tell the stories of people who have pursued their dream and created something. The special narrative on this particular project is however not to interview CEO`s of Fortune 500 companies to ask how they have made it, but rather find up and coming entrepreneurs, artists, disruptors and others, so they can tell their story. This provides a much more interesting and relatable content to the aspiring entrepreneur and artists, as the interviewees will be having or just have overcome the struggles and doubts holding many back.

All interviews will be in video form, together with some footage of that person’s work and daily life, and I have been lucky enough to already see some of them, and I can promise there is a lot of very interesting content in store for you guys.

On top of the interviews, Antoine is also writing articles about lessons learned through his life and work, as well as posting his photography and video projects.

All in all a very interesting project in the making. To check it out click the link below and don´t forget to give him your support while there!

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