Why it is so important to win the morning.

Win the morning = Win the day


Start your day well, get up early, work out, prepare yourself for the day, dress well, watch, listen to or read something inspirational, write or journal, eat a nice and nutritional breakfast (or deliberately fast if you are on that wagon), get early to work and meet everyone and everything with a smile, a positive, driven and enthusiastic attitude and a “how can I help you today?”.

Win Monday = Win the week

Sunday night, set everything up for a perfect Monday, and Monday morning, get up and crush the morning. When you have won the morning, do everything you can to give 110% in everything else you have to do that day, so that you can go to bed thinking “I crushed it, come at me Mondays”. Please understand, that “crushing it” does not mean that everything went your way, it means that YOU did everything that YOU could do, in every situation. It might have been a tough shitty day, but you got the best out of it, gave it your all, left some good impressions in the process and came out of it wiser than you entered it.

Win the first week = Win the month

After crushing Monday, sit down and plan to do the same for Tuesday. When you get up Tuesday morning, remind yourself, that today you are going to crush it. Absolutely win it, all of it, no matter what it is going to throw at you. And when you have managed to crush Tuesday, you rinse and repeat Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and the


weekend, and suddenly, you have crushed one full week. When you have managed to do so, you are well on your way to a habit of crushing it, which you can apply again next Monday, next Tuesday, Next Wednesday etc, until you stop thinking in crushing days, but crushing the next week.

Win January = Win the year

This article is coming out a bit too late to actually apply for January, but it also doesn´t have to be. No need to wait for next January to make a change. Just substitute January with whatever month you start in.
As soon as you can sit at the end of that month and look back and see how you have crushed it, given it 110% in everything, from work to school to health to relationships to own projects, and how doing so has made you feel better

Win the first day back after a holiday or time away = Win


Often, if we have been forced out of our daily routines and habits due to a holiday, business trip, illness, visitors or others, we struggle in getting back into our routines. We often allow ourselves to take it easy, telling ourselves “tomorrow I will start X again”, where often we just repeat that the next day.
Don´t allow this. Win the first day you are back by not letting yourself down and attacking your habits and routines as if you had never left.

Cherish failures and setbacks as unique learning opportunities = Win the mindset

Of course, it is not always easy. Sometimes it will be hard to set yourself up right, maybe you will get ill, maybe you will get some bad news from family or friends, maybe a restructuring will put you out of job or any other thing that would normally break you and put you down. However, if you can take all of these things and see them as opportunities to learn, to pivot, to try new things and to prove to yourself that you aren´t that easy to defeat, then you have truly won the right mindset. And with that, you can do anything.

And what will you set you up to be able to do this? It all starts with winning the morning.


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