Destination excellence

Deliver EXCELLENCE in everything you do to get what you WANT


You are who you behave as. Or act as. Or see yourself as. So if you want to BE excellence, you need to deliver excellence in everything you do. If you skip corners, you will see yourself as someone who skips corners, which in turn means you behave as such.

What´s even worse is that your surroundings will start seeing you the same way. Your superiors, peers, customers, classmates, friends, and family will see you as someone who can´t be trusted, who is unable to take full responsibility for his own actions. You will be seen as someone who won´t put in what is necessary to do what needs to be done.

This means that you will not be considered for important tasks, that you will lose out on good deals, that your friends will stop relying on you.

You might be able to “hustle” or “wing it” for a while, but in the end, you will always be found out. There is no way you will be able to continuously convince people you deliver excellence if you don´t.

This is an unfortunate downward spiral. Avoid it.

Deliver Excellence

The only way to convince people that you deliver excellence is by delivering excellence. Always. In everything you do.

Always strive to do your best, no matter what it is at. Always strive to do your best no matter how boring, pointless or little reward it brings you personally.

Only through consistently striving to deliver excellence will you start thinking excellence. Only when you start thinking excellence will you consistently deliver excellence.

We need excellence deep in your core, we need “system 2” to think excellence. We need the subconscious, automatic part of our brains to think excellence, instead of thinking how to avoid work.

We need to deliver excellence no matter whether anyone else is going to see your product, or not. We need to make the inside of the Mac look good, even though nobody will ever see it.

Only when you start delivering excellence in the details nobody else will ever see have you truly start operating excellence.

When you have excellence deep in your core, then you will start growing and developing. Until you think in excellence, you will never improve. As long as you only think in “let´s get this over with” your progress will stall.

When you start to think “how can I do this better” no matter what you do, you will learn, improve, grow and thrive.

Delivering excellence makes you feel happy and proud. When you have adopted excellence, you will produce much better products and take much greater pride in your work, in turn propelling your self-image as someone who delivers excellence.

Delivering excellence makes you a better person, influencing as well how everybody else sees you. Delivering excellence consistently makes you much more likely to get that raise, promotion or big deal you´ve been working on. Delivering excellence in all you do makes colleagues, friends, and family think higher of you, rely more on you and more willing to go out of their way for you.

Delivering excellence changes your self-worth, and through that your demeanor. This, combined with the quality of what you give and deliver, will earn you the respect of all you influence and touch in your life. For all the right reasons.

What is excellence?

Delivering excellence does not necessarily mean working hard, or working a lot. Delivering excellence means that you do your best given the circumstances in each and every situation, no matter what. Delivering excellence means to work hard, with self-integrity and smart, to deliver the best you can, every time.

If you are at your son’s football practice, but busy and you´d rather be at the office, sorting out some matter, you still put down your phone and give your son your full attention.

If you work as a store clerk with shitty hours and minimum pay, you still smile and deliver your best service to the next customer. And the next. And the one after that.

If you work in a warehouse, stocking boxes all day, you still do your best to optimise your process, learn and improve, even if the tasks are the same day in and day out.

If you manage people and have a lot of “important” matters to attend to, you still focus on remembering people´s names and occasionally take the time to hear how they’re doing.

If you work for a boss who is an absolute jerk, you still deliver the best you can, every day. You are not doing it to deliver a good product for him. You are doing it because you have your integrity intact, and a bad boss is not going to take away your opportunity to learn, improve and hone your craft.

If you are going to the gym, delivering excellence is to go to improve, every time, not to just tick it off a list or to be able to say you went.

Delivering excellence is to also hoover the bedroom, even though no one else will see it.

Excellence versus perfection

Excellence does not mean delivering perfection. Perfection is impossible, and the strive for it takes up a lot of time you could have spent on other matters. Excellence is to deliver the best you possibly can, in that particular situation.

Don´t let yourself down

Other than all the people you let down when you don´t deliver excellence, the one you let down the most is yourself.

Successful and happy people all have this in common. They deliver excellence. Even when no one is looking.

Go and deliver excellence.In everything you do.


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