When building new habits start with just 1, and you will end up with many

One habit at a time, one area of your life at a time.

When building new good habits, start with one. And this is not just to avoid overwhelm, but just as much because if you master one new good habit like, say, going to the gym 3 times a week, then chances are that a whole boatload of other good habits will follow, such as eating healthier, getting up earlier, feeling fresher and doing more in your day, etc. But if you try to do all of those at once, you might find it harder to get any of them to actually stick.

Using habits to get into shape


So start easy. If you want to get into shape, start going to the gym and do an easy program at a convenient time. Use the necessary hacks and motivation that will get you to stick to it (you can find some inspiration in my other posts, I am sure;)), but focus only on that.

Cool thing is, even the fact that you stick to a habit like that, will make you feel good, maybe even before you see the results in the gym. But for the results, they will come, easily, if you just stick to your new habit.

After a while, you are going to start thinking about what you eat and will try to start eating healthier. Maybe you start reading the nutritional labels on the food you eat, just to be aware of what you are putting in yourself.

Soon, you see results and start up the program you do to a higher intensity. Maybe you start getting up earlier a few days a week to go for a run as well.

Sooner than you realise, you will be knowing all the gym lingo, look better, feel better and be healthier than ever before, have more energy, be conscious of what you eat and be an inspiration to the people around you.

Of course, this doesn´t happen overnight. But it will happen if you start your 1 new habit, and stick to it.

Using habits to improve your relationships

If you want to improve your relationships, maybe be more liked by your colleagues and people in your network, set yourself a habit of asking 1 person every day to help them with something. Just 1 person, and 1 thing. And this could be anything, to offer someone to help carry what they are carrying, to offer someone a cup of coffee, to write an e-mail to a colleague you noticed looked busy saying “I noticed you looked like you had a lot to do, let me know if I can help you in any way”.

Do that every day for even just a short period of time and you will start being more helpful, friendly and smiley by nature, and in doing so, will receive more positive gestures and responses from the people around you, just as they will start offering you their help more often

And this does not only apply to relationships and getting into shape, but any area of your life you want to improve in, be it personal or professional.

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