9 reasons why waking up when the alarm rings will make you better

We all know how nice it is to press snooze in the morning, and just lie 5 minutes more. Then 5 more, and 5 more. What most of us don´t realise is how bad this is for us, our success, health, energy, and willpower.

This is the ultimate list of arguments as to why you should always get up when your alarm rings. If you have anything you´d like to add to the list, please reach out!

1. You get more time.
Not snoozing gives you 5, 10, 20, 30 or whatever extra every morning for free. What´s not to like about that? Time spent snoozing and being half asleep has no effect on your recovery or energy for the day and is a waste of time.

“The snooze button doesn’t let you dream more. THE SNOOZE BUTTON KILLS YOUR DREAMS. GET UP. GO. “
– Jocko Willink

2. You are awake and ready faster.
Not only does snoozing not give you any energy, it puts you into a lethargic state where it takes longer to fully wake up. Waking up when the clock rings and doing it consistently, makes you wake up fresh, energetic and ready for the day, right away.

3. You start the day with a psychological win.
Starting the day with a small win sets you up for a great morning which sets you up for a great day! (Link to winning article).

4. You start putting your clock earlier and earlier, getting more YOU time.

When you first start doing this and is successful for a few days, you start realising how easy it actually is. When you will realise how easy it actually is, you will start putting your alarm clock earlier and earlier.
All this extra time you can spend on:
*A great morning routine to set you up for a powerful day.
*Working on your own projects.
*Reading, watching Ted talks, documentaries or in other ways bettering and inspiring yourself.
*Spend time with the kids, partner, dog, grandmother, etc
*Working out.
Your brain works best early in the morning, so why not spend that energy on you, your projects and your loved ones? (link to morning routine)

“I’m not saying 0430 is for everyone. But if your sleeping until 10 every day, get used to losing.”
– Jocko Willink

5. You will be a more honest person, with more self-integrity.
This is so crucial but very overlooked. We see ourselves how we act. If we act without integrity, we think of ourselves as dishonest and without integrity. When you set the alarm at night, you give yourself a promise. If you do not get up at that time, you start by letting yourself down. Simple as that. And starting out with dishonesty like that sets the precedent for the rest of the day (week, month, year, LIFE!).

6. When you can do it consistently, you have formed the first and most important habit of your life. This one 1 habit will facilitate any kind of change you want in life.
(link to the most important habit)

7. You will start seeing yourself as an early riser and will adopt the values and behaviors associated with it. These include:
* Eating healthier.
* Working out and exercising.
* Having more time and energy for your own projects, family, friends, pets, etc.
* Setting and working towards specific goals.
*and much more.

8. It will slowly change your mindset from a “live for the weekend” and “oh no It´s Monday”, to someone who looks forward to each day as a new opportunity.

“This morning…did you wake up to an alarm clock or an “opportunity clock”? “
– Zig ziglar

9. You are in a small but elite group of people that comprise most of the successful people in the world.
What does Elon Musk, Warren Buffet, Tim Ferriss, Tony Robbins, Ryan Holiday and others have in common? They get up when their alarm rings.

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